OGC Web Services Integration

Useful information for GIS Users

PCRAFI's Pacific Risk Information System is built on open source software, which allows consumption of Deep Sea Mineral projects datasets over the web and also by utlizing desktop GIS clients; such as Quantum GIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo etc. GIS Users should be able to use their credentials to view and query the layers uploaded to this portal using OGC services.

What are OGC Services?

The data in this application is served using open standards endorsed by the Open Geospatial Consortium ; in particular, WMS (Web Map Service) is used for accessing maps, WFS (Web Feature Service) is used for accessing vector data, and WCS (Web Coverage Service) is used for accessing raster data. WMC (Web Map Context Documents) is used for sharing maps.

PCRAFI Web Services

OGC Web Services are available from the following URLs:

Dynamic tiles via WMS: WMS 1.1.1
Vector data via WFS: WFS 1.1.0
Raster data via WCS: WCS 1.1.1
Metadata search via CSW: CSW 2.0.2
Cached tiles via WMTS: WMTS 1.0.0